Winter Sales

Shipping Info

Changes for 2013

In an effort to cut down on both gas consumption and the use of plastic, our rooted geraniums will be shipped in open trays; 100 cuttings per tray, packed loose. Order in multiples of 50.

This season all of the items in a 98 tray are priced the same at $39.20 a tray and all 72 trays are at $32.40/tray. (exceptions are vinca and dracaena) Also note that the coleus has been bumped up to a 72 tray this season.

UPS & FedEx Shipping

Rooted geraniums - 400/box
Unrooted geraniums - 1500/box
Vegetative Plug Trays - 5/box
There is a $6/box handling charge
FedEx/UPS shipments which are not ordered through a Broker must be prepaid by check or credit card.


Please include with your order
Geraniums $3/hundred
Fuchsia/Vegetative $3/hundred

Please be sure to order with your plant material to avoid additional shipping charges.


Restrictions - BARTLETT’S® is a registered trademark for our geranium and Calibrachoa varieties.

Patented Varieties: The following varieties are patented and are restricted for propagation by our customers.

Beky (P.P. #17005)
Hope (P.P. #17265)
Faith (P.P. #17204)
Lavender Dot (P.P. #17253)
Freedom (P.P. #17302)

Additional Notes:

  • Geranium plugs will be packed loose (100/open tray) – Be sure to order in multiples of 50 or 100.
  • Bench run stock is priced per pot – the plants will need cleaning and shaping to finish off for spring.
  • Orders must be picked up or fit our delivery schedule.
  • Please call at least two days ahead for scheduling a pickup.
  • Brokerage house orders are encouraged on all propagated and plug material.
  • Direct orders are cash only and may require an advance deposit. COD or C&C discounts apply.
  • Delivery dates should be specified but are subject to minor variation to fit our scheduling

**All orders are accepted subject to substitution. (Substitutions may include new varieties.)**

Warranty J.P. Bartlett Co., Inc., Warrants that the plants it sells conform to the plant description. It makes no other warranties, express or implied, of merchantability, fitness for the purpose, or otherwise, and in any event, its liability for breach of any warranty or contract with respect to such plant is limited to the purchase price of the plants. It does not certify or guarantee that its plants will be free of insects, or diseases, such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc. In no event will it be liable for consequential damages.

2012-2013 Pricing

(Prices subject to change)

Prefinished 4” and 4-1/2”*

Dates 4-1/2"
Feb 1- Mar 2 $1.30
Mar 3 - 31 $1.50
Dates 4-1/4"
Apr 1 - 13 $1.30

*4-1/2” are square pots

Prefinished 4” and 4-1/2” orders must be placed 8 weeks ahead of time.

Zonal and Ivy Geraniums

Prices per 100
Rooted $60
Unrooted $32

Unfinished Stock

Dates 6" 8" 10" 6" 10"
  Zonal & Ivy Zonals Zonal & Ivy Vegetative Vegetative
Jan 16 - Mar 4 $3.00 $4.75 $6.65 $1.50 $6.35
Mar 5 - Apr 1 $3.35 $5.50 $7.65 $1.75 $7.25

Quantity Discounts on Plant Material

Shipments exceeding $2500 - 5%
or *Season Total of $8000 - 8%
Season Total of $15,000 - 10%

*Season 7/1 - 4/15

Truck Delivery 2012-2013

  Flat charge per delivery Free Delivery if order exceeds
Area 1 $75 $2000
Area 2 $115 $3000
Area 3 $160 $5500
Area 4 $215 $8000

Call for delivery prices for locations outside area 4.

Depending on gas prices there may be an additional fuel surcharge.