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J.P. Bartlett Co. Inc.


We are a wholesale breeder and propagator of geraniums.

We offer both rooted and unrooted zonal and ivy geraniums, fuchsia, ipomoea, helichrysum, and vinca vine.  Dracaena is available in both 72 trays and 3.5″ pots; however, we do not FedEx/UPS the 3.5″ pots.  We do carry labels if you need them; for a cost of $5.00 per 100.


2023 Notes

Zonal and Ivy Geraniums are put up per order August-January

Cutting season ends April 2nd

Unrooted Cuttings are available July 31st-April 3rd

Unfinished stock available February 3rd- April 3rd

Pre-finished 4 1/2″ squares February  27th- April 2nd. February 5th is the last day for ordering.


Quantity Discounts

Shipments exceeding $2,500-5%

Season Total of $8,000- 8%

Season 9/1/2022 – 4/2/2023


Free Shipping on orders over

Area 1: $95 Haverhill, MA; Salisbury, MA; Leominster, MA; Worcester, MA; Plymouth, MA; Providence, RI; Thompson, CT. 

Area 2: $150 Portsmouth, NH; Manchester, NH; Bennington, VT; Albany, NY; New Haven, Connecticut; Newport, RI; Fall River, MA; Provincetown, MA; Springfield, MA; Kittery, ME

Area 3: $225   Portland, ME; Kennebunk, ME, Concord, NH; Springfield, VT; Sunderland, VT; Glens Falls, NY; New York City; Long Island; Bridgeport, CT; Stamford, CT. 

All other areas, please call or email for more details.


The following is a list of brokers we work with:


Messick Company LLC

Eason Horticultural Resources

Henry F. Michell Company Inc

Vaughan’s Horticulture

Steve Calautti Company

Joe Giannino Company